CENTRIC & 6G-SANDBOX demonstrations at the MCW 2024 realized at the Keysight booth with NVIDIA and InterDigital, Inc

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Between the 27th and 29th of February 2024,  Keysight Technologies hosted at the MCW 2024 in collaboration with the partners NVIDIA and InterDigitalat, the booth 5E12 to promote 2 demo stands from the SNS JU project 6G-SANDBOX and CENTRIC Project.

Both projects are Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (SNS JU).

These booths were here to discuss their latest wireless innovations, including Nemo Wireless Network Solutions:

  1. 6G AI Neural Receiver Design
  2. AI/ML & Sensing in 6G



Present in the photos:

Michael Dieudonne, project coordinator of 6G-SANDBOX Project (Keysight Technologies), Sebastian Cammerer (NVIDIA), Alejandro Villena Rodríguez (Keysight Technologies) and Germán Corrales Madueño (Keysight Technologies).