All Public Deliverables listed below will be made available when published on our Zenodo and linked below at the deliverable date (project month) indicated. The project was officially launched in January 2023.

Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract Delivery Date (project month)
D2.1Evaluation of GPU implementation of MLbased receiver12
D2.2Digital Twin training sandbox 118
D2.3Digital hardware architecture30
D2.4Mixed analog-digital hardware architecture30
D2.5Digital Twin training sandbox 230
D3.4CENTRIC's AI-based MIMO toolset21
D3.5E2E Air-Interface Learning30
D3.6AI-based MIMO and mmWave communications30
D4.1Protocol emergence challenges15
D4.2Protocol emergence techniques30
D4.3AI-based techniques for sustainable & human-friendly RRM30
D5.1Early results on KPIs/KVIs, testing methodologies and benchmarking12
D5.2Early version of CENTRIC PoC demonstrator18
D5.3KPIs/KVIs, testing methodologies and benchmarking24
D5.4Final CENTRIC PoC demonstrator28
D5.5Dataset of measurement results30