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The CENTRIC European project aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence techniques through a top-down, modular approach to wireless connectivity that puts the users’ communication needs and environmental constraints at the centre of requirements for the wireless network communications protocol stack design.
The CENTRIC project is designing a user-centric AI Air Interface (AI-AI) applying AI techniques to create and customize tailor-made waveforms, dynamically configure transceivers, and enable appropriate signaling and medium access protocols to support these requirements. The results of CENTRIC will be validated and demonstrated in laboratory prototypes and its breakthroughs will enable future 6G use cases, such as self-driving vehicles, the internet of nano bio-things, or multi-sensory holographic communications.


CENTRIC positions the AI-AI as the essential fabric of future wireless connectivity systems, for the benefit of mobile network operators and private networks markets, which will profit from highly customizable systems wherein different customers have entirely distinct personalized needs. For instance, a university campus is unlikely to have the same connectivity requirements as an indoor smart factory, as well as new and radically different communication needs, will emerge in the near future. Addressing them with a traditional multi-purpose wireless network would significantly limit the scope of future applications, and potentially prevent many cutting-edge inventions from fulfilling their potential.
The CENTRIC aims at being “future-proof,” endowing the networks of tomorrow with AI tools to support a range of new applications.
CENTRIC will explore and deliver AI-based breakthroughs in some of the most pressing 6G Radio Resource Management (RRM) areas, such as sustainable data management at the wireless edge, Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) exposure control in novel network architectures and energy savings, seamless interoperability among services and applications, etc.



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