CENTRIC booth showcased at the at the EUCNC | 6G Summit 2024 on Demonstrating Validation setup for Site-Specific Multi-User MIMO Neural Receiver

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Between the 3rd and 6th of June 2024, CENTRIC project was present at the EUCNC | 6G Summit 2024 on the booth 26 to demonstrate a “Validation setup for Site-Specific Multi-User MIMO Neural Receiver”.






In the demo at EUCNC 2024 | 6G Summit 2024, CENTRIC showcase how the NVIDIA’s Neural receiver concept can be used to produce receiver structures that are specially optimized for a specific site deployment. On the one hand, we show that the neural receiver structure can be trained with standardized stochastic channel models, providing significant gains with respect to traditional MIMO receivers. However, the neural receiver can be fine-tuned with a limited amount of data obtained at the base-station’s deployment site, boosting its performance beyond that of the generically trained receiver.

This demo showcases a hardware-based validation setup for a neural-network-based receiver for multi-user MIMO transmissions through a real 5G O-RAN network.













On Monday 3 June 2024, CENTRIC Project in collaboration with Hexa-X-II and 6G-SHINE project held a EuCNC & 6G Summit Workshop Monday 3rd of June 2024 on “International Workshop on Holistic  6G Radio Design”:

Several subjects were discussed including:

  • A presentation on Cell-free massive MIMO deployments for 6G networks was presented by Stefano Buzzi, CNIT on CENTRIC’s behalf.
  • An introduction to AI-based radio resource management for dense in-X subnetworks, presented by Ramoni Adeogun, PhD, R.Eng, SMIEE from Aalborg University for the 6G-SHINE project.
  • A panel discussion on “AI for 6G radio access network: opportunities and challenges” – moderated by Hamed Farhadi, Ericsson – with the panellists:
    – Stefano Buzzi from CNIT – Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni
    – Carles Navarro Manchón from Keysight Technologies
    – Ramoni Adeogun from Aalborg University
    – Dani Korpi from Nokia Bell Labs


Learn more about the demo showcased at the EuCNC 2024 by reading our more detailed newsletter here.