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This white paper presents the visionary approach of the CENTRIC project towards developing a sustainable AI-native Air-Interface for 6G networks, aiming to revolutionize wireless communication through user-centric design. By leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, CENTRIC seeks to revolutionize wireless connectivity by placing users’ communication needs and environmental considerations at the forefront of network stack design. The CENTRIC vision begins with a top-down, modular approach that starts with users’ objectives and application-specific requirements. AI techniques are then employed to tailor-make waveforms, transceivers, signalling, protocols, and resource management procedures to support these requirements, resulting in what we refer to as the user-centric AI Air Interface (AI-AI).

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What is CENTRIC?

CENTRIC is a co-funded R&D&I European project that proposes leveraging AI techniques through a top-down, modular approach to wireless connectivity that puts the users’ communication needs and environmental constraints at the centre of the network stack design. AI techniques will be used to create and customize tailor-made waveforms, transceivers, signalling, protocols and RRM procedures to support these requirements. This is the user-centric AI Air Interface (AI-AI) that CENTRIC will enable.

The results of CENTRIC will be validated and demonstrated in laboratory prototypes. Its breakthroughs will enable future 6G use cases, such as self-driving vehicles, the internet of nano bio-things, or multi-sensory holographic communications.



NVIDIA neural network (NN)-based multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) receiver

One of the objectives of the CENTRIC project is to develop a user-centric communication stack that can be tailored to user-specific needs. For this, we introduce a neural network (NN)-based multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) receiver with 5G New Radio (5G NR) physical uplink shared channel (PUSCH) compatibility. To showcase the...
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NOKIA Separate Training Framework for AIML-based CSI Compression

NOKIA Separate Training Framework for AIML-based CSI Compression Channel State Information (CSI) acquisition at the Base Station (BS) received from each User Equipment (UE) is critical to sweep its beam towards the corresponding UE accurately. However, transmitting uncompressed CSI in limited-rate feedback channels is impossible due to the significant signalling...
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Safe Model Predictive Control via Reliable Time-Series Forecasting

The control of dynamical systems is the backbone of modern technologies, ranging from industrial processes to autonomous vehicles. In many of these scenarios, systems must be controlled while satisfying a set of safety and reliability constraints concerning the unknown evolution of a target process. In our recent work, we proposed...
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Adaptive Non-Uniform Quantization for CSI Compression

AIML-based Channel State Information (CSI) compression that uses autoencoders to lower the overhead of feedback on the MIMO channel information from the UE to the NW has been an active study in 3GPP RAN1 Release-18. One of the discussion topics for the CSI compression is on the quantization of the...
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📣 Last day to join @Keysight at the #MCW2024 at booth #5E12 to learn about @6GSANDBOX Project in cooperation with CENTRIC Project! 🤝

They have 2 demos available!:
1️⃣ 6G AI neural Receiver Design
2️⃣ AI/ML & Sensing in 6G

 #KeysightMWC24 @6G_SNS


📣📰Our whitepaper presenting the CENTRIC visionary approach of a #sustainable #AI-native Air-Interface for #6G networks, through the 6 key objectives addressing critical challenges toward the realization of its 6G AI-AI vision is out! 🎉


Join the @6G_SNS at the #MCW2024 to hear the #6GHorizon session organised to talk about Bridging Perspectives for a Sustainable Future!👏

This 90-minutes session will happen 🗓️27 February at 9:00 am in 📍 Hall B, Stage 6!

Learn more here ➡️

✔ It is with great pride that we close our 5th plenary meeting as a success! Held in the 📍 @nokia buildings in Paris, these 3 days were full of thriving discussions 💬 but also an important time for team-building between our 13 partners! 🤝

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