CENTRIC Third plenary meeting in a face-to-face meeting in Aalborg, Denmark

🕒 2 mins

On the 13th and 14th of June 2023, the CENTRIC project held its third plenary meeting in Aalborg, Denmark.

This third plenary meeting was a two-day face-to-face discussion at the AAU Innovate Science & Innovation HUB at Aalborg University!

It was the occasion for all participants, online and in person, to share their progress and advancements made since the beginning of the project in January and to share forward-thinking conversations and ideas! All the tasks were discussed, and each group package presented their ongoing results and planning for the coming periods.

What is CENTRIC?

CENTRIC is a co-funded R&D&I European project that proposes leveraging AI techniques through a top-down, modular approach to wireless connectivity that puts the users’ communication needs and environmental constraints at the centre of the network stack design. AI techniques will be used to create and customize tailor-made waveforms, transceivers, signalling, protocols and RRM procedures to support these requirements. This is the user-centric AI Air Interface (AI-AI) that CENTRIC will enable.

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