CENTRIC participated at the FUSECO Forum 2023 in Berlin

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Our progressAnastasius Gavras from Eurescom and member of the CENTRIC management team, participated at the FUSECO Forum on 14-15 September 2023 in Berlin.

In the session “Beyond 5G and 6G Network Technologies and Enablers: RAN, Core Network, Edge Computing, Network Management and AI”, he presented a brief overview of the CENTRIC project and an outlook on the expected results of it.

The presentation touched upon the CENTRIC research topics, such as AI methods for the discovery of novel and efficient waveforms, as well as customised lightweight communication protocols. Furthermore, the presentation touched upon novel end-to-end hardware solutions for energy efficient AI-native transceivers, training and monitoring of AI air interface deployments and last but not least validation of user-centric solutions. At the FUSECO Forum exhibition space, CENTRIC shared a booth with 5G PPP project 6G-BRAINS. At the booth, visitors had the opportunity to discuss the advanced approaches that CENTRIC has adopted towards meeting its challenging objectives.